Oh, no! Drywall going up ....gives me anxiety. Makes it look too new :( #detroit #rehabaddict #1928#nicolecurtis #hgtv
  • detroitdesignOh, no! Drywall going up ....gives me anxiety. Makes it look too new :( #detroit #rehabaddict #1928#nicolecurtis #hgtv

  • weededbeefLooks like my house
  • thomasf1234I salvaged two walls that only had cracks in the plaster, but still soundly secured to the lathe. Skim-coating "lightly used" plaster on a 1890's Victorian was pretty neat.
  • tammysmithteresanunleyLol your great !
  • lupitafcLast night I dreamt I was at your house & you were giving me a tour!!!
  • jemappellejessieSanding gives me anxiety. I hope you get to skip that part.
  • proudmaof5We redid our drywall but did an old world style texture. I think it's called 'skip trowel'.
  • erinplowmanReally cool shot!
  • lalalandhomeflippersLove this pic! I hate new drywall too. You are totally inspiring girl!
  • cascio_michaelNot a fan of drywall either, but it does have its place when things are too deteriorated. Too bad there arent plasterers that lay wood lath, use horse hair, etc.
  • ruth.hooperI loved your first shows!! I'm sure you are glad you aren't struggling like back then...but I guess there is always some sort of struggle in life.
  • etrnl_artistThe queen on her throne #yougogirl
  • banaziiiiiiPlease upload more before/after photos of your work! Or make another IG account for that. Would love to get inspired by it :)
  • jeffvickpaintingstudioSit , stare and visualize ! One of the necessary tasks . I call it intellectual labor .
  • detroit_n_ctI love your show and great to see you taking an old house and giving it life again.
  • bobbolieuSometimes you just have to replace the old plaster when too many keys break off. Have some fun and distress it a bit.
  • bobbolieuI know a man who plastered over the new rock to get that finish that you can only get with plaster walls. He purposely put slight imperfections in the plaster to creature the marks that only time and life can bring.
  • marciab7Give your kid some crayons and hot wheels! #sweetmemories
  • neils_disco-Tina Swanson
  • cmcchuck01You'll probably never read this so I don't know why am putting this up but it is a joke you know you'll never get anything done if you just gonna sit in the chair and look around. LOL
  • susanhall4793Gotta do what ya gotta do... keep as much old as you can. But sometimes new happens!
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