Open Decorating this morning.... #cookiecon #cookiecon2017 #opendecorating
  • cookiecrazieOpen Decorating this morning.... #cookiecon #cookiecon2017 #opendecorating

  • probstdeborahPlease, what is these projector behind the copycake???? (Looks like a celphone)...
  • mulberry_t@probstdeborah They are called pico projectors. They are smaller, and many are wireless and run on batteries so you don't have cords on your table. I have the Idea Pico and I love it! I mostly just use my phone and the wireless connection to project images, either screen shots or I take photos of my own drawings.
  • heatherspuredelights@probstdeborah I think those are Pico projectors. I don't have one, but I think it takes an image from your cellphone and projects it, vs printing an image to place in the kopycake.
  • solovetheday❤❤❤
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