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  • youthjusticelaFree legal clinic twice a month sponsored by ICE Out of LA and the Youth Justice Coalition trains people on what to do when stopped by police or when ICE and other federal agents come to your home, school or workplace. Here David Abud from National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON) urges people to repeat key phrases - "I don't want to answer any questions. I wot sign anything." With any contact, don't open the door, and ask to see an arrest or search warrant. Contact us always in an emergency. Text 323-327-1259, 909-553-4704 or 562-658-6317. #iceoutofLA #nooneisillegal #yjc #studentsnotsuspects

  • nikivandelI love you, all of you! Thank you soooooo much for creating this for the community! #sharing #lovewins #EndMassIncarceration #GlobalPoliceStateStanddown #gratitude #solidarity <3nikiV
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