• mishi2xThere are two prefaces I have to make before my ultimate statement: 1) I think it's amazing how the Pussyhat has made its way onto the runway and has made such a huge splash that a fashion house like Missoni would sit up, take notice and even start producing them. 2) Knitters are selfless and would never want or need credit for anything that we do, especially for something as great as the movement and message the Pussyhat stands for.
    BUT, I think it's rude that Missoni would not even mention hand knitters or the origination of the Pussyhat movement in all of their messages promoting their Pussyhat. And while all proceeds go to charity, knitters across the world have been knitting their hands off and donating their time, yarn and efforts making these hats for friends, loved ones and strangers alike. I should be happy that this has become a symbol of solidarity now but hand knitting has always gotten such a bad rap that I feel I have to say something. #creditwherecreditisdue #missoni #pussyhat #pussyhatproject #knitters #handknittingpride

  • cadylang@woolandhammer for real for real
  • skbsandybarnesWell said! Thank you!
  • orianalk@lavanyapatricella oh look a continuation of our previous convo. 😑I'm so over the copycat bullshit. Fellow knitting designers do it all the time and seem to not understand it's fucked up. Larger knitting companies do it to smaller designers thinking it's ok because the small folks won't be able to take legal action against them. The fashion industry is all about the copycat syndrome. I'm beyond frustrated by the response from the @p_ssyhatproject. They reposted a video with praise for what Missoni did. Yes, it's wonderful that Missoni took notice, but that all went out the door when they didn't acknowledge the origins of the pussy hat or all the selfless hours, love, and emotions that have gone into hand knitting/crocheting the hats. If you are blatantly going to copy a design the least you can do is give credit where it's due...like the origins and meaning and all the designers that came up with patterns. Im so tired of designers getting crapped on. This to me says it's ok to steal and copy other designers work and THAT IS NOT OKAY!!!!! Let me repeat this for anyone who might read this and doesn't know...It is ethically and fundamentally wrong (not okay) to copy another designers work and pass it off as your own. It is a big f'ing no-no! Don't be a 😾😾
  • follypdx@orianalk ugh! So true.
  • knittingchick727Well said!
  • knitosaurusrex👏👏👏
  • emiliabedeliaHear hear!
  • indigomoonknitsInteresting. I didn't even know they did this, but someone on Facebook posted a video of a female reporter "shutting down" the women who didn't go into work on International Women's Day, and mentioned privileged women marching in their "brand name genitalia hats", and I thought WTH is she talking about?! We made those hats. Now I know and this makes me a bit sad 😑
  • farwellclaytotally agree
  • rebecca18kellyYou go !!
  • emma_s_parkerHell yeah! Pony up Missoni!
  • michele_nycThis. Thank you for posting-
  • knittingtasticWell said lady. If all the companies I thought @missoni would credit the hand knitters
  • mgrtobinSorry that this is turning into a commercial enterprise
  • erikakane08Well said - I am in complete agreement with you!
  • lainie1992thank you for your voice... sadly, this sort of thing goes on so often and likely won't change any time soon... bad rap indeed (please don't think you're complimenting me when you say I did such a good job knitting you thought it was store bought!!! -- sorry for the rant).
  • lavanyapatricella@orianalk business as usual *grumbles*
  • narangkarMy sense is that because runway shows are all image and no words, the semiotics of the garment is what conveys the meaning. What the pussyhats signify already can't easily be removed from the origin, which is grassroots in nature. Also, nearly everything in a runway show is hand-made by someone. But, that’s the same for sample pieces for knitting patterns that get published in magazines and books. I have never seen a knitting pattern mention a credit to the specific test knitters who essentially contribute the bulk of the work to the garment. I assumed this was just industry standard, but maybe my takeaway from your call for credits on the Missoni runway Pussyhats, is that all items should be given credit at all times. It’s only fair, right?
  • tyneswedishGirl yes ✊🏼
  • knitbloggerAbsolutely on point
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