• justbritjessopLet me tell you about my brother Chase. On top of being a fun uncle (taking his nieces to the trampoline gym), Chase came to stay with us during Christmas while Lewis was in the NICU. He'd watch and play with Emilie while Ed and I went up to the NICU together. On Christmas night we went up to find Lewis pretty sick. Chase told us to stay up at the hospital as long as we needed. He would run to his car every few minutes to check his charging phone for updates. Eventually we did come home and found our Christmas morning mess cleaned up and dishes done. He shared our anxiety for the next few days. Although I did not wish for him to have to go through the emotional roller coaster with us, I am so grateful he was there! Sure love ya Chase! @chasey.boy

  • mimi.larawayWhat a great guy.
  • girlinacastleBest brother ever!
  • tiameidellSeriously he is one of the best!
  • bdp4279Well Done Chase!!!
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