• mamacaxxYou know my fake a** is posing when I have my crutches on the side cause I can't take more than 5 steps without them 😩. It's hard to believe that I got my very first pair of crutches about 11 yrs ago and never invested in a good pair because I was convinced that I wouldn't need them for long. Always talked about how I plan on "getting rid" of them. Since then I've gone through 6 pairs. But recently I've made peace with the fact that I will have them for the rest of my life( if not both, at least one), and this is due to my level of amputation. I made the decision to invest in some strong carbon fiber ones. It's all good , no hard feelings life, for I know these crutches will get me around the world, they'll be at my masters graduation, soon They'll go through the Sahara desert, and I hope one day they'll help me climb some of the tallest mountains on earth. 📸: @ikrambencherif -------------------------------
    (For crutch users, Will write a blog post soon about choosing the right crutches and accessories that help walk on snow and sand)
    #ThisTooisBlackGirlMagic #crutchlife #sidestix #mamacax #alleleswomen

  • kevser_gormez👍👍😘😘😘😘
  • anya_mlYou're wonderful 💙💛
  • ohlacraneuseYes!!!!
  • farrrfromusual❤❤❤
  • deborahcalebraffaele@stevekalinda
  • samtubia_edwards_directorWow! You're so dope! Thank you for those words.
  • dimphomasasaAm using crutches myself I'll b waiting for that blog.
  • dimphomasasaAm using crutches myself I'll b waiting for that blog.
  • wil.nicolasOutfit on fleek!!!!
  • virgdeleon🙌🏻strong woman 🙌🏻
  • queennaydeenThe out fit is dope!!!🌹#whatcrutches😜
  • casa_chiWe admire you so much!
  • restlessinlagosBut they sure will those crutches... way round the world ...🙏🏽
  • jillybeanbravoYour outfit is amazing
  • sidestixThank you so much Mama Cāx. Thank you for investing in a pair of crutches that will be unlike any other pair you've ever owned. WE (our team and your community) believe that you will walk any desert, mountain, or otherwise as long as your heart chooses. We are with you, girl!
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  • lalasfutureTell us your story. You are an avatar!!! Thank you
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  • cleopatrajonesing😻❤❤❤
  • yoocandoanythingHey Mama Cāx! We would love to feature you on our site yoocanfind.com. Please check us out & share your story to help empower others. Thx! <3
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