Every drop counts πŸ’§
  • mothercitymomEvery drop counts πŸ’§
  • hippeeatheartIs there a fire close by?
  • mothercitymom@hippeeatheart it isn't close to where I live but in Hout Bay where we went for lunch. I felt so terrible for those poor people who have lost everything in the fire, it was a bad one. We have a severe drought here too and the city is nearly out of water. So literally every drop does count (and every bucket drop counted too, they got the fire under control eventually)
  • hippeeatheartI'm from California originally so I understand the necessity of making every drop count. Fire has always scared me to death! God bless the fire fighters
  • rejuvemdWe love this! πŸ’–
  • mybodylushWonderful :)
  • thebodyclinicgreat post πŸ’•
  • yourauractβ˜πŸ‘Œ
  • fulomskinNice pic!
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