• timcorpusAt what point does a car become more than just a car?
    After 7 years and 105,241 miles, Dia the @KiaMotorsUSA (my noble steed) is moving on. When I moved to Connecticut to attend @theharttschool, I had nowhere to live. I spent a week living out of this Kia Sportage until I could finally move in to an apartment. I didn't know anyone and I had nowhere to go, so we drove to Old Saybrook to see the ocean. Dia drove to the top of Mt. Greylock, where I asked @heatheroadtojoy to marry me. We moved across the country to #Chicago and Dia drove us to @pawschicago, where we met @himynameislancelot.
    Thanks for all the good times, like road trips, family reunions, tailgating and helping @heatheroadtojoy's parents, @hjohnsongregg, @machiabilly (twice), @leah_nimmo, @ljbren, @dammitrich, @tay.etch, @donovantweets, @thegoodlinder & @lsnavely7 move in to new homes. Then there were the tough times, like 2am vet visits, family emergencies, trips to the hospital and the time in the rain where a car barely missed hitting me while driving the wrong direction on Highway 84.
    Thanks for putting up with listening to the 2005 King Kong soundtrack 1,000 times and for your consistent support of @theataris, @dashboardconfessional and Mahler's 9th Symphony. We saw 19 states, blizzards and storms, @Starbucks stains and @poco153's return to the Midwest. Through it all, you always got us home safe.

  • bradsaxAnd now you have?
  • heatheroadtojoyAwww what a loyal car. She was good to us. 😭 ❤️
  • himynameislancelotSorry about the nose smudges
  • thezone23Great story, bro. Thanks for sharing!
  • thegoodlinderAw I love that car! Ps let me know if you're selling it lol 😁
  • ikonladycoutureIn love with your post👌🏻😊
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