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  • theplussideofmeSpent my spring break week working through my 2nd bedroom, which had become a huge catch all, and doing ALL of my laundry. My brother-in-law helped me put up a shelf system against the wall, so I'm slowly turning the room into my closet/office space. We had issues the first time around because we used too short of screws, so let's keep our fingers crossed that this works.

  • astryidThis looks amazing! 😍
  • theplussideofme@astryid I came home yesterday to the whole thing being on the floor and almost had a full blown panic attack lol. We realized after that the screws we used didn't get into the studs well enough (like barely touched them the first time around). Luckily the clothes hide the initial try 😂
  • plusthedressI love it! 😍 crossing my fingers here!
  • comeandgetsomeI've missed you!!! I started reading your blog yeeeeaaaaars ago and lost track when everything went over to ig and I'm so happy that I found you again ❤❤❤
  • theplussideofme@comeandgetsome ohh that's awesome! ☺ glad you found me too! I occasionally blog but do kinda take months-long breaks
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