• pardonmypositivityHappy Friday Friends! ✨
    Today I had the pleasure of accompanying my friend, who is a respiratory therapist, to her work. I had the honour of meeting some of her patients and hearing their stories. Each patient has a tracheotomy and relies on a breathing machine to breathe. 🔸
    This visit left me with all sorts of feelings and emotions... {which I'll be sharing more in an upcoming blog post}
    One thing is for sure, when you see others, who's daily challenges are far greater than your own, it sure puts things into perspective really quick! 💜
    Tonight I am feeling extremely grateful for the air I breathe, the ability to do so on my own, medical technology that allows people to have another lease on life, and the selfless work that RT's & RN's do day-in and day-out!! 🙏🏼🙌🏼💝
    Whatever you find yourself doing tonight, please take a moment to appreciate your life, your health and the strength your body has right now, because all of that could change in an instant.
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  • julesjordan1Leah this is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for joining me today and seeing a whole different world. That is still filled with so much hope, positivity and life.
  • pardonmypositivity@julesjordan1 the pleasure was all mine! Thank you again for thinking of me and showing me your world! 💕 This experience was eye opening and one that has left imprints on my heart. ❤️
  • hellpsyndromeWow. This is so powerful. What a beautifully inspiring story! 🌟🙏 I've thought about this often after HELLP and severe pree. Our health is so fragile and remarkable and a gift! Thank you for reminding me to give thanks for all my health today. 🙏😘😘
  • pardonmypositivityYou nailed it right on the head @hellpsyndrome - our health is so fragile, remarkable and a gift! YES!! 🌟🙌🏼🙏🏼💝 we all have our ailments and I'm not trying to minimize those struggles because they can be so hard! Seeing others whose health has been literally striped from them over night and are now paralyzed and rely on a breathing machine to live, sure does make you thankful for what our bodies can still do and how strong and resilient they can be!! I'm just filled with so much perspective and I know you totally get it! 😘💕
  • hellpsyndromeOh yes! We have much to be thankful for. That's why this post is soooo important! Love you girl 😘
  • mikesversionVery cool
  • mygrateful.life#Gratitude! 🙏
  • pardonmypositivity@mygrateful.life you know it!! 🙏🏼💖
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