Whoops I posted again!! Late-to-the-party-2016-favorites😬  #bbloggers #makeup #skincare
  • mcgummersonWhoops I posted again!! Late-to-the-party-2016-favorites😬 #bbloggers #makeup #skincare

  • charlisdailydiaryWhat are the black things? I'm intrigued by the MV Rose 🌹, where do you find that? You are the second or third person to say they love that Kale face wash, definitely putting that on my list for next time.
  • charlisdailydiaryIt just occurred to me that I could go to your blog to get all me answers 😬🙊😂
  • mcgummerson@charlisdailydiary lololol I read your comments/questions!!! Will respond tomorrow!!! xoxo😊💗💗💗
  • keturahsrotJust got to read your post. Looooove that you posted again!! Missed you! 😘 have I told you that I am toying with trying DIY oil cleanser?? 😬 I have a noncomedogenic one to try and if I like it (and I think I will!) I might make one to save zee pennies. xoxo
  • mcgummerson@keturahsrot Thank you!!! Hopefully it won't be another 3 months before I post again?!!! Lol! You totally should try the DIY, at least at some point! It's fun & def does save $ once you get past the initial expense & if you can keep at it for awhile. Plus you know EXACTLY what's in it😬😉😘
  • keturahsrot@mcgummerson lol!!! Well I hope it's sooner than later when you post next! :) I am absolutely going to try DIY. I usually buy my skincare premade. but most of the OC I've found are comedogenic and expensive. Why pay for blackheads and clogged pores? 😜🤓
  • silverkisLooks like your tretinoin has been getting lots of love lately
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