• shynnzVictory is sweet ❤
    It's been *a day* and I'm literally counting down the last final hours until my husband lands and comes back home. H refused to get out of his pajamas, relieved himself on the couch, the stairs, the carpet in the living room, and in Clyde (our dog)'s bowl.
    J has cried every time I've tried to put him down, was refusing any and all naps despite my best efforts and the distracted nursing is wearing me down.
    H gets upset when I can't play with *just* him, and as much as he loves his brother, I can tell he's in serious need of some one on one time with me. These are the days the mom guilt washes over me - J isn't getting all the attention I was able to give H when he was a baby, and H isn't getting my undivided attention during this time either. Feeling very pushed and pulled in either direction, and wondering how in the world people with more than one child deal with all their needs.
    As I breathe deeply, exhaling the days stresses, I am surrounded by both of them now. Both peacefully (and loudly) snoring and asleep, each of them holding onto me, staking their claim.
    I know these moments are fleeting, and soon neither of them will need me in the way I do now. But that doesn't make the guilt any less difficult today.
    So today was a day, was a day, was a day. Messy hair-ed, blackberry stained carpet-ed, crazy, messy day.
    Here's to tomorrow, and grace, and having another shot at this whole motherhood thing.
    Do you ever have mom guilt? How do you deal with it?

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  • frostedeventsOh what a day! Hoping you get a mini vacation soon, a little time to yourself
  • cupcakemagsocialitesYou are one strong momma!!
  • babiesandbackbendsI can't even handle. The hair, the chubby face, everything. What a little doll.
  • mallorysaadeThank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just stumbled across your page and you have no idea how badly I needed to see this from someone else. I feel like everyone is saying "two kids is so fun!" And I'm just like "holy cow two kids is so rough!" I seriously don't know how people have multiple children. But I love them to bits no matter how frustrating they can be. Ps - how are you handling potty training with your older one? We are seriously struggling over here. I feel like everyone says it only takes a few days and we are going on weeks! Can't thank you enough for this post.
  • fullheartmamas
  • pamneasesleepNever forget that you're a Super Mom! If sleep is an issue for your sweet babies, we are always here to help 💗
  • silly.honest.kindBeautiful- baby wearing is magic and makes happy babies 💕
  • vanessaeviganSo sweet. Love this ❤❤❤
  • studioidyllThat face!so cute!@shynnz
  • isabeldiasfreitasI totally feel you! I can relate with almost everything in your caption. He distracted nursing so worn me down. Among others, it was one of the reasons that made me decide to wean him! Thank God he's doing good with the bottle and formula already. You are a champ! You are a great mama and you're doing awesome! I admire you! ❤️
  • danadesign.dollSweet 😍😍
  • mpa3786Beautiful pic
  • mommaa.mandaaThis is beautiful 💕
  • tangomomnessWe've been there (i can say ALL of us?) but its good that u say it out loud... thank u for saying it, and also, there are bad days but the good ones always make it all better!! ❤️❤️
  • lilflowermamaBeen there so many times mama and I don't handle mom guilt well at all!
  • kierra.irvineAll the time! But I just tell myself that I'm doing the best that I can.
  • freelifebabystoreSuch a sweet picture!
  • frrrnitureAww cool
  • atheniatrical_designsSoooooo beautiful😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤❤🇿🇦
  • sheri1886Too too sweet for words
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