He doesn't mind the snow☃️ peek-a-boo!! All smiles this morning💙😊 #happybaby #babyboy #18months #nyc #momlife
  • downtownchicmomsHe doesn't mind the snow☃️ peek-a-boo!! All smiles this morning💙😊 #happybaby #babyboy #18months #nyc #momlife

  • tinybeanskidsSuch a little cutie!! 😍
  • gothamloveHe is so cute !
  • mrs_f_2000Cutie!!!!
  • sudprize🛁
  • timetofly5555Oh my gosh, what a wonderful way to start your day! I remember them so fondly and would do it again in a heartbeat. Then somehow their 14 and you have no idea who this young man is that's living in your house, eating all your food, taking all your money and let's not forget that he has hired you as his personal Uber driver. I kid, I really do but how I long for those baby years. I am so fortunate to have an extremely close relationship with my son though so for that I am forever grateful. I don't know if it's like that with girls because he's my one and only but every year is better than the last. Enjoy that beautiful baby of yours and thank you for sharing his adorable little face with us.
  • lwassnerLove him!
  • rell_schechHe's just gorgeous like you.
  • solange_sandynycBeautiful baby boy!❤👼🏻
  • nataliemarieroweHe is such a cutie pie!
  • carlywalkoPeekaboo. Lil cutie
  • melissaschapmanSo stinking cute!!!!!!!!
  • dressmeupanddownCutie patootie
  • glamamomHow adorable
  • strollerinthecityHis face! Love him!
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