A southern three-banded armadillo at the @LincolnChildrensZoo in Nebraska. (Swipe to see him uncurl from a ball!)
This is one of only two species of armadillo with the ability to roll up into a complete ball as a defense mechanism. The southern three-banded armadillo is listed as near threatened on the IUCN red list, meaning although it doesn’t qualify for a threatened status right now, it is close to qualifying for, or is likely to qualify for one in the near future. One major factor in the decline of to the southern three-banded armadillo is hunting. Since they are not fossorial (adapted to living underground), this species is easier to hunt than other armadillos. Habitat loss as well as the high mortality rate during exportation into the pet trade are also significant threats to this species.
To see a video of this armadillo, check out @natgeo!
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