• notmilknycJoin us this Sunday @mndflmeditation for a lovely community event! We want to meet you!! 😊 #Bookyourcushion and meditate with us at noon followed by #freshNotMilk and donuts. And don't be ashamed if your motivation to meditate had been driven by the thought of donuts. I'm not going to lie, I've persuaded myself to run marathons to treat myself to a NotMilk donut, they're that good 😂😂 Interested in trying MNDFL for the first time? Your first class is only $10! So come by, say hi and set your intention to have a fantastic Sunday with MNDFL and NotMilknyc 😄😎😘

  • mndflmeditation❤️❤️❤️
  • letsgotobrunchLove you guys! Thank you for visiting!
  • notmilknyc@letsgotobrunch so nice to meet you too!! 😊😄
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