• mrsb_ldnFriends with bright legs • 17.3 done ✅ Squat snatches sucked but when I properly composed myself & set my starting position I got most 30kg ones done. 🏋🏼‍♀️ #crossfitopen2017 #crossfitmasters #17point3
  • geekfairyjoSquat snatches are harsh to have in it. Was it judged you had to land it below parallel?
  • mrsb_ldn@geekfairyjo Yup. So bloody hard to catch the bar low like that.
  • geekfairyjo@mrsb_ldn oh god. So few people who can actually do it that low and with any kind of weight. I was skilled with the plastic pole then used to freak out with the bar #goingtodie
  • tinyrunner85Brillant, well done!
  • mrsb_ldn@tinyrunner85 I got at least 6 no reps 😬
  • tinyrunner85@mrsb_ldn unfortunately I think ALL my attempts are going to be no reps on Sunday 🙈. Going to forget about it until then, rock up and see if the magic of the open can get me any solid reps. Well done again, that's still a lot of good snatches you got 👍
  • sportjournals👏👌
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