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  • lobosworthI've been depressed. Sharing my story today about the crazy reason why and how I've come out the other side...on YT and @thelodownblog today (link on that account).

  • knr1031How did you fix your b12 deficiency? I have the same issue it seems with b12 and I've tried different types of b12 but it just seems to speed up my system... not in a good way.
  • byefelicia.1I'm so glad u got through it. My husband left & ended our marriage because he couldn't "handle it anymore"....best of luck to u.
  • loveyourbellymovementSo so powerful!
  • plantbasedjen_Thank you for sharing your story. The crazy thing is I recently found out that I too am deficient in b12 and vitamin d, and had been suffering from daily panic attacks for months. I'm so happy to have found this out and now bringing my levels near normal I am starting to feel like myself again 😊 I'm so glad you have found this out too!! 💕
  • achalupaThank you so much for sharing, I'm happy your feeling better. I have been dealing with horrible anxiety since the beginning of the year & have been taking vitamins & supplements as well. If you have more to share please do!!! 💕💕💕💕
  • chazcooks1Where can I read the story??????
  • trp_aviation@lobosworth thank you for sharing!! I have been down this road and it was the scariest thing that I had ever experienced!! I did not know what was going on!! It lasted 3 months!!!
  • iamlorena_Thank you so much !!! @lobosworth I'm currently going thru it and you're video gave me hope !!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • gigidoingthingsThank you for bravely deciding to share! Certainly something to consider checking that many may not realize is a problem for them as well. Sending positive vibes & light your way. ✨💖✨
  • positivelybeyoutifulWonderful that you are sharing ! Thank you 💌
  • that_wandering_girlI was so happy to read and watch your story. Over ten years ago I experienced the exact same thing... only problem was was that doctors kept doing tests and saying things like "it's stress," or "you need more iron." I spent years on different medications that made it even worse. It took two years before I could leave my home on my own my panic attacks were that crippling. It took ten years until I read something about vitamin deficiencies and anxiety. I also discovered that not only was it a b12 deficiency but also leaky gut. Your story is an incredibly difficult one to share. People still get weirded out and attach stigma the moment I speak out about it. You are so brace and strong for coming out. I am so happy seeing people, such as yourself, tell their stories of strength. Much love to you on your journey. 🙏🏼💕
  • that_wandering_girlBrave *
  • sealifesc15Thank you for speaking out. I have had a terrible depression for 3 years. Your advocacy helps bring awareness and reduces the stigma. Now I will get tested for vitamin deficiencies. 💖💪👏👏
  • bea_pt06You are so strong. Thank you so much for sharing your story!!You will many people in the same situation!!I'm so proud of you 😍🇵🇹
  • hallister17Thanks for sharing, I sent your story to me daughter 🙏🏻
  • _lynzimarieAfter reading your blog, I decided to make a Dr's appointment to get myself checked out because everything you talked about describes me to a T. Thanks for not being scared to speak out about your struggles!!
  • emilyann4auSuch a great and informative post! XO
  • natcori@caseyefitz @ginniedurkin
  • kwilliard💙💙💙Thank you for sharing. I was able to experience vitamins and supplements before ever being put on any serious medication. Vitamin D and B12 are wonderful. You're a brave one, @lobosworth. I'm glad you're feeling much better now. 👍🏼💪🏼
  • bethguitarThank you so much for sharing your story! It gives me hope. I had stomach issues for 3 years and then suddenly I started having massive anxiety and panic attacks. I had to quit my job and spend time with family. I was briefly on antidepressants but wasn't comfortable on them. I was finally able to gain some weight and things slightly improved but I still struggle. Thanks to your post I started to take D3 again and hope to purchase some of those other vitamins/supplements you shared on your sight. You're a brave lady! ❤️
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