• realeverythingblogI used to have TERRIBLE adult acne - these untouched photos of my naked skin are from three time periods:
    • Top left: before "skintervention" with changing to natural products.
    • Bottom Left AFTER switching to more natural products and focusing on lifestyle factors affecting my skin (sugar, nightshades).
    • After using Beautycounter for 6 months and being more in tune with my body's intolerances, and consuming @vitalproteins daily (and learning to take photos on natural light and no longer henna-ing). .
    This is not some single-solution commercial. There is no "cure all" perfect solution for everybody. But for me, I had forgotten how bad my skin really was until I looked back at old posts. CRAY-CRAY the difference of NOW with Beautycounter, right?! Not just the acne but the tone and "glow" of my skin and natural rosy cheeks, highlight not a single blemish (only moles). .
    Anyway, for those people telling me I'm lucky... this one's for you. Good skin takes work, just like good gut health. If you want to be Healthy Inside & out it is about lifestyle, food, and skin care products that don't disrupt hormones! For me it was also about finding high end products that were clinically tested to perform similar to department store brands - but without the toxins that were adding to crazy hormones, a contributor to my old acne. . . --> I've got a whole FAQ page here: realeverything.com/beautycounter . . --> Or you can join my Healthy Inside & Out group here: Facebook.com/groups/stacytoth . .
    I've got a big post there specifically outlining my whole routine on both places. I hope this inspires you to find safer skincare products for you and your loved ones, too - we all deserve to look and feel our best, finding our best selves through self care & self love, self respect and acceptance 💗

    #selfacceptance #selflove #selfcare #selfrespect #beautycounter #vitalproteins #allthecollagen #healthyinsideandout

  • backporchpaleoLooks wonderful!! We're working through some acne issues here as well, avoiding nightshades right now seems to be helping & yes, using some wonderful product as well 🙌🏻
  • mandyadcockSo awesome!
  • hpicklerThank you! I was just feeling defeated about my skin. I have to remind myself that takes time for my body to heal. As a teenager, I had great skin. To then become an adult and have not so great skin. I have to keep feeding my body good, nutrient dense foods along with good quality products...the results will come.
  • niamhcroninofficialYou are super awesome 👏
  • thatcrunchychicaDaily liquid chlorophyll and Beautycounter are my secret weapons!!
  • coldpressedraw😄 🍀
  • yotalumawifey@cleansafebeauty
  • cleansafebeautyWhich products helped the most?
  • primalneurotherapistSo sad that Beautycounter doesn't carry an acne line yet, I love their products!
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