• littledove.justine#tbt to 10 years ago...
    I have been on professional shoots, been in a music video, and in a student film, but the time I spent doing community theater growing up will always be my favorite moments.
    Being able to play the role of Belle was the most fun I have ever had and I miss being on stage everyday.🌹Not because I love being the center of attention (actually the opposite!), but because there is nothing more exciting then waiting in the wings during the overture, nothing more fun than bonding with your fellow cast members, and nothing more satisfying than knowing you pulled off a solid performance.
    Belle will definitely always hold a special place in my heart.❤
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  • shoestoshirazLove learning more about you!!
  • sugar_sweeteryHow fun!!! We just took our toddler to his first show and we all loved it. 😍 the arts are so important. I also just finished beauty and the beast cookies I'll be posting later!!! ❤️
  • brittneyhjelsethOh how fun!! I danced all growing up through college and what I miss most is performing!
  • letterfolkThat's so fun! 🌹
  • queenofthelandoftwigsnberriesHow fun!
  • stephaniecox11Oh my gosh! What a fun experience.
  • thedisneylovingmomJustine! Thanks for sharing this!!!!! Love love love seeing these pics ❤️
  • ourprettylittlegirlsOh my goodness you are so stinking cute!!!
  • graceinhisbeautyHow fun!! Love this fact about you!! ❤
  • photos.by.vickyOne of my favorite princesses. Brings back great memories. ❤️
  • lsummer23I love learning this about you! How very neat!!
  • projectlifewellnessHow awesome!! I know what you mean. I've been in plays before when I was growing up and I know that excitement feeling!
  • eatwithlinhYou were belle?!?!? That is amazing!!!
  • esther_pisanoThat is so cool!! You need to get back into it!
  • thecharmingwinoThat does not surprise me at all. You are the quintessential Disney princess! And I mean that as a compliment 😊
  • l_cline87Oh my gosh so fun!!! 😍😍😍
  • chellegoldThat's so cool! I wish I'd tried theatre when I was young.
  • onepeainthepodMy favorite Disney movie! That would have been a fun role to play!
  • the_darling_daysSo cool! Belle is my favorite! 💕 I played one of the orphans in Annie in my high school musical 😂 so fun, though!
  • lifeofamom2blogThis is awesome! Love it
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