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  • streetsdeptCould THIS be Philadelphia's next great public space? So excited for @civiccommonsphl and the soon-to-be #DiscoveryCenter, which will open an abandoned reservoir in #FairmontPark to the public... Learn more now at the link in my bio! (Video by @civiccommonsphl) #MyPhillyPark #CivicCommonsPHL

  • k8iedidsweeneyMeeeee toooooo 🏖
  • mberry41If only the next great spaces were Philadelphia's public schools
  • streetsdept@mberry41 I hear ya. It just happens that parks are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix compared to one of the biggest public school systems in the country. While I certainly agree that we should continue to push for better schools and accountability from our elected officials, I think we can still celebrate all the other improvements we make to public life!
  • mberry41@streetsdept True, also completely different treasury buckets.
  • streetsdept@mberry41 Yes yes. As well, as you might read in the article, this park is actually mostly funded with private money. So there's that too.
  • mberry41@streetsdept That's amazing. It's also going to be a fun investment opportunity for the nearby neighborhoods
  • jamieleedimesmusicGreat profile! I really like it ☺
  • surf_and_trfCan't help but love the outdoor additions, reminds me of Berlin and it's many "sees". Would also love to ride my bike on main streets without weekly flats..it's a good work in progress👍🏼🤞🏼
  • incorrigiblycurly@outwardboundphl check it out !!!
  • sdsexton1Incredible! I lived in Philly for 17 years and never knew anything about it!
  • ishappinessspoonfed@streetsdept I admire you even more after that reply
  • patwoods.cfpBeen looking forward to this for a while.
  • streetsdept@ishappinessspoonfed Thank you 😊
  • streetsdept@jamieleedimesmusic Thanks so much!
  • allisonpearcegibson@surf_and_trf Berlin's park system was one of the great case studies we used for The New Fairmount Park! Glad to see the comparison drawn. Improved bike/ped infrastructure was a focus as well. Check out the online version of the vision plan for details and visuals. http://planphilly.com/eastandwestpark
  • surf_and_trfGlad to hear that the comparison was made as well Allison, my two homes coming together! I lived next to Bodensee and spent almost every wknd there in the summer along the shores. Would be great to see a beach/swimming entrance or rowboat deck develop as it comes along too. Thanks for including the link the plan looks great, if there are any opportunities to get involved I'd love to volunteer!
  • sarahelizabethsmokerThis is amazing. Life changing for this neighborhood. Any idea on when it will be opening up?
  • outwardboundphl@sarahelizabethsmoker This will be the home of the Philadelphia Outward Bound School and Audubon PA. We're hoping to have the center open at the end of 2018!
  • outwardboundphl@mberry41 We provide life changing wilderness expeditions to thousands of Philadelphia public school students each year. We're looking forward to having the capacity & facilities to serve more in the Discovery Center. Learn more at discoveryphila.org
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