Our travels across Texas continue with a stop in Granbury #BellsInTexas
  • bellsbreweryOur travels across Texas continue with a stop in Granbury #BellsInTexas

  • paully1327So glad I was in Dallas at the perfect time to try this amazing beer! It's so good I brought some home for my son @_jmuellz to enjoy it and have the crown for his cap map. Thank Bells, you never let us down!
  • johnny_dosmanos@lindseylasater All the more reason to be in Texas . . .
  • brfeitCmon man! We like Amarillo hops in Michigan too. How about love your home state?
  • yator08Y'all should head over to @revolverbrewing
  • pmbeverageimportsThis is wonderful
  • metalslurpeeThat's where I'm from!! Revolver brewing is based there. My two favorites companies in one place
  • champamooreI know there are some unrequited Bells fans in Houston. Sure hope you guys are extending distribution to spread the love! @faye.rinehart
  • faye.rinehart@champamoore Indeed! I actually picked up a 6-pack of Two Hearted Ale a few days ago. 🍻❤
  • jdsibilskyParents live in pecan plantation stop in and say howdy.
  • bellsbrewery@champamoore We're in Houston, too!
  • bellsbrewery@paully1327 Talk about timing. That's great! Thanks for the kind words. So glad you both enjoyed it.
  • champamooreI heard the news. I live in NYC these days, but have accidentally taunted friends with depictions of your previously unavailable to them goodness.
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