• whyfoodworksA great shot from last night's @fandmphilly alumni event! I made 6 recipes for them to taste, along with a big dose of my nutrition perspectives :) One man, who had come to an event I did last summer, said he has been using my handout and recipes, feeling better and has lost some weight...I wanted to jump up and down! Nothing better than hearing that what you do makes a difference, and since I do more events than one on one coaching (that's about to change, stay tuned!) I don't always hear the follow up. Feeling tired today but with a very full heart - many thanks to the planning team and @fandmcollege for their continuing support 👏👏👏💓

  • emmzuThanks Sarah! Delicious and informative evening -- had a fantastic time with @fandmphilly and @whyfoodworks
  • watuseefoods@whyfoodworks what a great event! Like you, we love hearing that we make it easier-and tastier!-for people to eat healthy. What did you make with the Chickpea Crumbs?
  • whyfoodworks@watuseefoods they were a garnish on my beet hummus...I didn't snap a pic, but hoping someone else got one!
  • daynuhburgerCan I sponsor a Chicago one!!!
  • whyfoodworks@daynuhburger yesss! Actually I'm coming to Chicago for the national Rd meeting in October, I'd be happy to tack on a day for an alum event if you really want to make it happen !
  • daynuhburgerThat would be awesome! Also just to see you 😃
  • rieglpalateWhat a super fun event! I love that you're able to connect food and education plus an excuse to bring fellow alumni together.
  • rieglpalate@watuseefoods - Check out @rieglpalate to see a pic of your yummy chickpea crumbs - happy to share the original size photo with you and @whyfoodworks. You can email me at nicole@rieglpalate.com
  • whyfoodworks@daynuhburger yesss I would really love that. OK, do coffee catch up at a minimum and full on food event at a maximum...I'll link you with fnms alum coordinator and you can decide if that is realistic!
  • juicefreshjuiceGreat job! We are excited that we launched our new Enjoy Fresh foods yesterday! 🎉Organic raw gluten free vegan and delicious. Plant strong!😎
  • daynuhburger@whyfoodworks perfect!
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