I have always loved this image. The backstory is simply, two friends embracing. The guy behind is the groom, Luis and the one in front of him  is the Man of Honor. Luis and Maria Cristina's wedding was super private and intimate. If  you were there you were either family or a childhood friend. 
The reception was just a little food, a couple toast and a few backyard games. Just close friends chilling as they normally would on any given weekend, but in much dressier clothes. So, during during the reception Luis was just sitting there hugging his friend, while they were all just having a conversation about life. But, it wasn't like a quick little hug, like to say I love you man or to goof off. But, instead it was a true embrace. I found this so incredible real, caring and open... just about everything that our society is not, specially when it comes to man embracing. Heck, even when it comes to herosexual couples embracing. So, this image just says a million things about who they are as people and the bond they have, how they care and what they share.
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