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  • milepostsWent to @sears last night to test out @nordictrack treadmills! I purchased my treadmill used in 2010 and it's seen it's fair share of miles since then - including that time I ran 30 miles on it *for fun* 🤷🏻‍♀️😜 A lot has changed in 7+ years - like omg you can share your workout directly to @facebook by clicking on a touch screen or running a route you run using google maps?! Excited to share with you soon what model I went with and what I thought of other popular models @sears sells. The treadmill I picked is on sale right now for $1,000 off!! Hello budget friendly {link in my profile to my latest article about the thoughts we sometimes have while running on a #treadmill} 😜 #irunthisbody #searsfitness #runner #run #ad #ihavearunnersbody

  • mileposts@ericasch18 😁😜
  • family.fun.fitnessThis was me last week 😂! Which one did you get?
  • sarahinmiI'm the worst at treadmill running but I suspect it's partly because my cheap treadmill is over a decade old.
  • 8ohtwoI've had a sears treadmill for years! It's been so good to me that I'll cry when it dies. Thanks for doing this!
  • elm525How many miles did you test it out for ?
  • mileposts@elm525 I tried a bunch of them!
  • laceandrunnersHave Nordictrack and love it! A few years old now but still works great
  • thecookierunnerAghh I want to know which one you picked! Im asking for a treadmill for my birthday next month 🤗
  • fitnewton@k_kamm for when you do go the treadmill route 😉
  • k_kamm@fitnewton thanks girl 👌🏻
  • cmrieseAwesome!
  • mileposts@cmriese I'm so excited!!
  • mileposts@thecookierunner their prices right now are ridiculous!! Such great deals :) working on my post now!!
  • mileposts@8ohtwo I def have been mourning the slow death of my other one - I can really only walk on it now! I literally can't wait for this one to arrive 💜
  • kaellaontherunI need a new treadmill so bad!
  • thecookierunnerI can only imagine! I've been watching their pricing since the beginning of the year but have been too lazy to go out to the store and test the treadmills out.
  • cmriese@mileposts you absolutely have earned one. I hope it has all sorts of wonderful bells and whistles thaf make running 30 miles seem so easy you go for 50!
  • burnt63@mileposts I got a Norditrack from Sears today also.
  • marybaldricardh@mileposts good to know I'm not the only one looking into nordictrack for our first treadmill. Can't wait to see which one you picked to help guide me! Thanks for being my #runspiration 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
  • acs999i love these leggings! lookin good, Dorothy!
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