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  • walmartWant a free, sweet birthday treat? Stop in this Sunday, March 12 as we celebrate ALL our customers’ birthdays! Grab a free cupcake and check out everything you need to throw the best birthday ever!
  • stripedmeowmeow@walmart San Leandro, CA on Hesperian. Was this limited to supercenters? I wish that was clear in all the ads and social media.
  • srhtamedangel7@walmart thank you Walmart for the yummy cupcakes there were good plus I loved the frosting what kind was it and could u buy these cupcakes at ur store or what jw
  • cliquenationalHello Walmart my dearest friend
  • shes_a_game_changaCheck out my Walmart fashion show!!
  • thareelheem@walmart I have a question
  • walmart@thareelheem What can we assist you with?
  • thareelheemI ordered a pack off of Walmart.com it was an iPhone 5s and the 45$ card for it and I got the iPhone last week and the card never came
  • thareelheemI ordered a pack off of Walmart.com it was an iPhone 5s and the 45$ card for it and I got the iPhone last week and the card never came
  • thareelheemSo what can I do to get the card? Bc I had to pay extra juss to get it nd it still haven't came in
  • warphonesThank you walmart for working us like dogs. Thank you walmart for not giving me a bonus for the 3rd time in a row. Thank you walmart for pushing me into supervisor positions but i only get paid 10$hr. Thank you walmart for overtime, and then making me take longer lunches to compensate. Thank you walmart for the lack of training you give your employees, so the entire cap2 doesn't know top stock etiquette, or bin protocol. Thank you walmart for the extensive understaffing, and complete part time cap2 team. Store 1397 might not be around too much longer.
  • walmartHi @thareelheem - Please email us at fbsuprt@wal-mart.com so we can help you. Be sure to include your full name, contact info, order number, details of the issue and the steps you took to try to get this issue resolved.
  • walmartHi @warphones - At Walmart, we believe in an open communication with all associates. If you have an issue at work, please feel free to use the Open Door policy in your facility and speak with your immediate supervisor or next appropriate level of supervision if necessary.
  • warphones@walmart of course you guys would reply with a broken system. With 100% no intentions of doing anything yourself. Classic walmart for you.
  • michellematysekOmg I missed out on this, my bday was on March 1, I'm always at Walmart (like everyday) I love the Walmart in my town, and the employees are all so friendly and nice.
  • walmartWe're sorry you missed it, @michellematysek. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media pages for any future events we may have.
  • babyy.burrito.spamsHow old do you have to be to work at Walmart?
  • walmart@babyy.burrito Thanks for showing an interest in working with us. The minimum age for many positions is 16 years old. It may be higher for some positions. Please visit careers.walmart.com for more information. Thanks.
  • amit_moravskyMy birthday is today!!
  • sarahfaithhxx@katiediderdoodle we have to remember this for next time😭😭😭
  • m.b7342I picked up some eggrolls .
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