• wucanthebandStudio Update: yes! It's our last day here and no! We're not done recording. I got sick two weeks ago and couldn't fully recover to lay down some sick vox. Still coughing like a maniac, so-yeah... release delayed, but again more time for magical overdubs. It's gonna be a double LP, so we def needed the time!!! Therefore, my flu was the best thing that could happen to the recordings. Don't worry. It's gonna be worth the wait!!! Many many many thanks to the guys of @heatbandofficial for lending us their sick equipment. Where would we be without the Supro?!?!?!

  • spacecadet_nr13Double LP! Hell yeah!
  • thegreatsouthernbrainfartCan't wait to hear some new material!!!! Come to Atlanta!!!
  • thegreatsouthernbrainfartIm wearing my Wucan shirt to my gig tomorrow night in Charlotte, NC! I'll tag you!
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