• fitfullymormonMy kids told me I was fired because we missed #nationalpancakeday and I was like, "wha??" Apparently it's a thing and I've been left in the dark all these years. 😝 I happened to order some @kodiakcakes from Amazon last week so ......shhhh, don't tell my kids but I made them after they went to school..😆😆. I did share them with my little three year old though. I'm thinking this may just be dinner tonight because they are so easy to make and super yummers. What should I top it with?
    Amazon link--->http://amzn.to/2mmJOtj

  • liftinglindsayOh wow!!! That looks amazing!! Toppings? 🤔 Nutella, robin eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, peanut butter 😆😆 I don't think you want my suggestions right now. I'm struggling
  • ourbestbites_fitclubMy kids said the same thing, what do they do, announce this crap in school?? Lol.
  • fitnessperksOh my gosh, hello! This stack looks mega good. 👌🏼👌🏼 I could have this anytime in the afternoon or evening! I loooove chocolate but I can't do it in the morning. Weird, huh?! 😂 just don't let your kids see your insta feed today haha
  • fitfullymormon@fitnessperks I can't usually do sweet in the morning but I made the "syrup" with peanut butter, Cocoa powder & a some stevia and so it wasn't too sweet. I most definitely can't do donuts in The A.m. 🤢
  • fitfullymormon@liftinglindsay Robin eggs 😆😆
  • fitfullymormon@ourbestbites_fitclub Seriously?!?! I'm so NOT an every days a special holiday Mom but whatever, it's pancakes, just a day late.
  • thatmacromomlife@ourbestbites_fitclub I can't comment because I'm so preoccupied laughing at your comment.😂😂
  • fitfullymormon@thatmacromomlife It's so true though!! I get peer pressure from the things my kids hear at school. #HotMessMom @ourbestbites_fitclub
  • thatmacromomlife@fitfullymormon gosh dang it! Does peer pressure ever go away?!? Lol! #dontworry #imafrigginhotmesstoo #ALWAYS
  • influncrrsLove this 👏 💕
  • biceps.after.babiesHaha how the heck did they know?
  • fitfullymormon@biceps.after.babies Not. A. Clue
  • elevated_esthetics🔆
  • moran_sarahWe had crepes with berries and whipped cream for National Pancake Day. Not quite pancakes, but close enough!
  • fit.n.lipsLooks so yummy!!
  • ashleywisemanfitnessThose look amazing!!!
  • bridgemjWe love the protein Kodiak Cakes! In fact, I tried some Trader Joe's Buttermilk pancakes and my kids wouldn't eat them! How come these look chocolate?
  • fitfullymormon@bridgemj because they are!! And, they are SO yummy!! They sell dark chocolate & peanut butter too along with some other products. I live in Texas so I ordered them online through Amazon.
  • gotbeautydotcom🔆
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