In the last 24 hours -
  • tyreseIn the last 24 hours -

  • prittyblk_St. Louis also #realtalk #beware #noyourpeeps #watcheverything
  • mrs.betterSad
  • roselovely1978So sad. Our beautiful black babies
  • mekhiamosleyWhy hasn't this been telled about in the news?
  • sunshiner55OMG OMG
  • dalov_123RFID chips is been implanted on girls unknowingly. ..all the missing girls have been tracked. .. Obamacare has done this and wanting to blame president Trump for it ... everyone should go for scanning immediately. .RFID chips is smaller than a grain of rice and you won't know until you go for scanning ...normally it's been used for pets like cats and dogs. .to track them if missing ...
  • cups2000😱😱😱😱😱
  • shirl316Pls find them alive and well Lord Jesus.
  • shirl316So sad
  • jeebo_el_locorocoProbably coz Rockefeller is on ice while they look for another heart to transplant
  • kaynandezWhere is all of the coverage on this?
  • oscar.devereaux.micheaux🍀PRAY4 PEACE & RELEASE of BABIES💚*PEOPLE please wake U*& DISCOVER INNER DIVINITY & ACTIVATE SUPREME EXCELLENCE. TRIUMPH OVER HAMSTER WHEEL HYPNOSIS of RECYCLED HUMAN SLAVEarthell 🌎 PAUSE PROCREATION. ACTIVATE & Utilize Self control self disciplin & STOP POINTLESS PROCREATION of HELPLESS HOPELESS GENERATIONSuffering Generations after Generations. STOProcreatinGenerationSuffering on EARTHELL repititiously. Clearly Earth Obviously isn't a SAFE*SECURE PLACE\PLANET 4 ALL GOOD Humans. Potential parents\ procreators..SIRIUS~ly consider ALL EVENTS past & present B4 decisions until there's PEACE ON EARTH 4 EVERY1... AVOID CONCEPTION DAMNATION of BENEVOLENT Innocent SOULS DOOMED 2B BORN on EARTHELL among Malevolents. 🌿PRAY4PEACE💚 meanwhile in the "WESTERN WORLD" HONORABLE #Dr.BILLCOSBY TRIED 2 WARN ALL Melanin Minions & Hypnotized Hypocrits (Lacks & Hites) 2 "GET OUT" but some served him UP 2 the enemies while they EMBRACE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ; ROMAN POLANSKI & WOODY ALLEN & GAZAGATE & HillaryGate & _IZZAGATE {G·T·Figs·O·H} THEY DRUGGEDiscredited KANYÈ & JasonRussell founder of KONY2012 ..THEY DESTROY & promote at will... THY WILL B DONE. PRAY4 PEACE 4 ALL THE WORLD. YOUNG OLD BOY & GIRL ! 1*4.ALL.& ALL.4*1 ! Watch MOVIE GET OUT... & GO GET YOUR GIRLS....SAD people keep breeding knowing their loved ones may be subjected to such sadness.. But people don't care. the earth unsafe for Innocent souls ... They just want to experience lust, birth,parenthood at any cost ...even loss.... 🌿💛HONORESPECT💚🌿
  • oscar.devereaux.micheaux#GETOUT MOVIE 🎬 "hushGate" "_izzaGATE".. KANYE tried 2 WARN evryone & 'THEY' CAPTURED & SADATED\TRANQUILIZED HIM .. SILENT SAD SITUATION. 🎤📯
  • prettybrownkiadvrr
  • jessieboojePlease come together to find our girls.
  • jusrealblessed#RP
  • kingklasssik@cnn @bbcnews @foxnews @nydailynews @nbcnews @abcnews In the last 24 hours!! @tyrese
  • aprilshowers84Very sad and this is my city 😢😢
  • gabbymtt@oscar.devereaux.micheaux Kanye was ranting about not getting radio airplay and his horrible clothing line and how Jay-Z didn't give him a proper reach-around. Has nothing to do with these missing girls.
  • kris.ogeWow he cares about back females...surprising🙃
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