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  • schubeeWe had to proceed with this mission on very little intel and absolutely no recon. There was only one road to get in and there was a sentry gate with a guard posted up. As we pulled up to the guard he asked why we were there. @jimgreco was sitting shotgun and just kept saying "Pope" because the Pope was in town. He said this about 5 times and then for no reason at all the guard let us pass. @saschadaley got the trick 2nd try and then we had to figure out how to get out because cops were heading toward us on the only existing road. We stashed our boards in garbage cans, acted like tourists checking out the skyline and once the cops passed, grabbed our boards and got the hell out, unscathed, mission success. Such a great feeling when you say "Fuck it" and it all comes together. still photo: @ryanallan VO: @alan_hannon @supraskateboarding @suprafootwear #schubeefiles

  • f.t.l.cThat photo is sick!
  • pankamilkamilAwesome story!💪😎🔥
  • alan_hannonEpic times. Jim saying 'pope' a bunch of times and getting us through the gate is still one of the most epic things to ever happen
  • fortunachrisSo rad ! 👌🏽
  • mrnewmexThat's AMAZING 😉
  • tunafish_schnappsThis is the definition of skateboarding.... you get to be a professional hoodlum😂 fucking love this shit
  • dougskaThank you . Story made my day @schubee
  • brendankleinSo good
  • colinmkennedygutsy session
  • saschadaleyIt's not hurting anybody 😂😂 @alan_hannon that trip was hilarious, so much funny shit went down! Good times bros! Rad little Eddie and story! @schubee
  • dont.sleep.studios@nautay If you read the full caption I'm thinking this is how the Hat and Boots is gonna need to go down: commit, get it done, get the fuck out.
  • william.takahashiWhat an epic escape 😂
  • dirtyklipsBarged that spot. So fun but also scary the cops were swarming
  • pentagrampaGetting gritty in the city
  • el_choubiHaha what a good story 😄
  • donttellmorganget tricks for capitalism
  • liamooo@deathpix the story
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