• waitingonmarthaYou know those meals we feel too intimidated to make at home so they sadly stay restaurant only meals? Lamb chops was definitely one of those dishes for me. But I recently took it on only to discover that they're actually beyond easy to make. Like less than 30 minutes including prep time & even with this garlicky herb 🌿 rub easy. I'm sharing the recipe for these & a warm spinach salad with bacon 🥓 vinaigrette on the Blog today. Enjoy!! | 📷 @rusticwhite #homemade #easterdinner #mypotterybarn #foodandwine

  • vintageenglishteacupSimple and then you put them on a gorgeous Spode Blue Italian platter, yum 🍽🇬🇧
  • ariellesawakeningomg yum to these
  • ariellesawakeningand such good presentation!
  • bluhazlDrool 😍
  • laur3664I wish I had discovered the easy of cooking lamb MUCH sooner as well. You feel like you're spoiling yourself without the extra work! 👌🏾
  • galbatross_These look amazing! I'll be checking the recipe out for sure
  • ihainspiredhomeYum!!
  • bayberryandmainSo adorable
  • ilovemygirlgang💕
  • bigtcoastalprovI felt the same way too! And when I did it, I wondered what took me so long! Those are gorgeous!
  • luvbecLUV it! 💕
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