• annamcnuffWe’ve heard a rumour that a section of the trail up ahead is rather muddy, but I now question whether I’ve misinterpreted the information. So far all we have experienced is a wide, albeit steep, rubble trail - which has been very rideable. After a few kilometres of pedalling through damp woods and over shallow crystal clear streams, we reach a sign that says ‘Bienvenidos a Argentina!’. It’s a sign that seems rather lonely, out here in the middle of the forest, but it’s nice to be welcomed all the same. It’s only then that we see the mud.
    'Oh wow.’ says Faye, peering down the track into the bushes. In front of us is what can only be described as a quagmire. Deep, slimy, dark earth coats a narrow single track, banked either side by dense bushes. It looks just about wide enough to get a bike through, but I’m not entirely convinced.
    'Ready?’ Faye asks. Poised to begin pedalling through the small gap and into the bushes.
    'Let’s do it!!’ I shout. Faye moves off with a warrior like cry and careers past the trail entrance and into the first pool of mud. Her tyres immediately sink and any speed is ripped out from underneath them. She yelps and puts a foot down in the mud - it sinks in up to her ankle.
    'Ewwwwww!’ she says, removing it as I stand there laughing.
    We spend the next 90 minutes covering a painstaking 5 kilometres. We shove our bikes through rivers, wade in more ankle deep mud, drag them over tangled roots and lift them over fallen trees.
    'It’s so lovely of us to take our bikes for a walk in the woods, isn’t it?!’ I shout at Faye as I negotiate a particularly tricky section of trail.
    'We are very kind bike owners! Treating them to a spot of fresh air like this.’ she yells back.
    After an hour of doing bicep curl reps with 50kgs worth of bags and bikes, my arm muscles are beginning to tire, but the fun isn’t over yet. Now comes the piece de resistance of the trail - a deep gulley in which the bike and it’s cumbersome be-hind only just fits.
    Faye (who has a slightly narrower set up than me) manages to wiggle through without too much trouble. I observe her technique, as she tip-toes along above the bike on a narrow ledge at the side of the gulley.

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  • inspiresportseventsIt's all about the journey not the final destination 😉
  • mike45acpKeep charging ahead Faye and Anna!
  • chrisbrisleyLoving your stories, keep going ladies 😊
  • beverke70😂 👍
  • the_average_adventurerBrilliant - go go you mad adventurous ladies!
  • l_lnewWhat an incredible, memory making, adventure !!🚵🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️
  • jo.symoThe bog of eternal stench! Battled one in Guatemala. All I can say is...embrace the mud 😬. Good luck gals
  • gritlabsGet it! 👊
  • guru_ndblWow, that's crazy! But soooo like much of your trip so far!
  • ian_homerLooks just like Castell Coch woods here !!! #mudmudgloriousmud
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