• youngbloodboutiqueThere aren't enough hours in the day to shout out all the women who inspire me with their heart, fight, talents, spirits ... I'm grateful every day for our kick ass all-lady YB team. Claire and Kelsey, you two light up the shop and I'm forever grateful for your energy and support. Last for the evening, but certainly not least, before #internationalwomensday passes, I have to share how especially grateful I am for that lady boss up there 👆. My days would not be the same without Sara, @figandfloweratl on my side (literally and figuratively). Thank you Sara, for all the things. I'm so lucky to have a business bestie in you.

  • wlowdenSuch a great pic! 🙌🏼💗
  • kelseylee.coBeautiful Sara! And I'm so honored to be a part of what you do at YB, Rebecca. You are such a wonder woman. 💪🏻❤
  • youngbloodboutique💛 you @kelseylee.co 😽
  • cocoandmischaYou guys are lucky to be neighbors- such a great little stretch there on Highland Row- ya'll are two of my favorite spots in the ATL. Thanks for all you both do to make our community better and inspire newer ladies in biz!
  • rebeccabattermanBeautiful picture @figandfloweratl
  • youngbloodboutiqueThank you so much @cocoandmischa! We were actually just talking earlier today about how cool it is that 5 out of the 6 shops on our little row are women owned. ✊️ It's exciting to see so many Atlanta ladies jumping into business and making it happen. Looking forward to cheering you on for many more years to come!
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