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  • microsoftWhen we encourage girls to pursue #STEM, we double our potential for innovation. #MakeWhatsNext #IWD2017

  • i.like.cheeetosWell I'm part of that 0.4.
  • smiley_sammy_wammy@bwana22
  • peptasticThis looks to fit perfectly. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/violetsteamproject/the-violet-steam-project-women-of-stem-shirts-and?ref=newest
  • carlosdavi7Fantástico
  • yes4success😲
  • shihaamadams@ali_buchanan
  • _sidrraaOnly .4% of girl 😏 @mashariqk @sabah1292
  • mashariqk@_sidrraa @sabah1292 Yeah girly. You gonna be the holy grail 🙃
  • __alice.zhang__Okay STEM is a great field, and if that's what you want to do with your life, no matter your gender, of course you should go for it. But STEM is NOT the only way to change the world. @microsoft you may not be aware that you're​ doing this, but it sounds like you're saying that STEM is better and more important than other fields, which isn't true. Nobody has to go into STEM in order to make a difference. I know you didn't mean to do this, but please don't try and pressure girls to do STEM, because that's​ what this feels like: pressure. Of course women should be welcomed to join the field, and should have the same opportunities if they want to go into STEM. But "hey if you want to do STEM, don't be afraid. You're welcome here" and "Come join STEM because we don't have enough girls in the field. Girls aren't making enough of a difference because they aren't joining STEM" are two VERY different messages. To people whose passions aren't in STEM, this video is very belittling. It's sad to see that we aren't valued as much.
  • color_a_turaThat little African American girl is also on a Disney commercial. Lol
  • averyjaide_@willowbiggs !!!
  • tmimusicgroupAbsolutely!! Preach 🥂
  • lacey_hasler_photographyWhat are you proposing to do to recruit and retain them? I want to apply to grad school to study physics but I have an art degree...I'm your target audience! Can you bridge the gap I face to find a program that appreciates STEAM?! I hate the idea of having to start completely over.
  • cinnamonsquirrel822@__alice.zhang__ Amen!
  • eyyy.keelyive been planning to study computer science for two years!
  • maggielovesgacI am a STEM female, I will be attending Cal Poly Pomona this fall and finally begin my journey of pursuing my Bacbelors of Science in Chemical Engineering! I am so excited! 🤗✊
  • _oh_my_gatos_Is this available via a computer? I am a biology teacher and would love to show this to my class.
  • jacquelinebonomoOne of the girls looks like Annie from bratayley on YouTube
  • girlscoutsemassThank you, @microsoft, for supporting #girlsinSTEM! We're confident that we can turn these statistics around. 👩‍🔬💪
  • quiramaalexanderWooouuu😮
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