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  • kathryndennisPrep facial expressions for tonight's #SouthernCharm special: How They Got Here. This is a great question. I don't even know. Tune in with me and we can find out together. 9pm on @bravotv @ashley.borders

  • nandlal.lodha.1984Wow lovely🙀😺😼😸😹😻😽😾😿
  • jenyfromdablkKathryn Calhoun Dennis! Charleston''s finest! Oh yes the up-coming snear peek, you look ravishing in your Velvet Suit Jacket and smashing makeup...Per Usual! Looks like you were dancing with Whitney! Thumbs up he owes you a gentlemens rebuttle dance! #verycharmed!! Can't wait to see you come back and kill em this season! Love you girl♡♡♡♡
  • alp1268I watched it last night. I realized even more why you reacted the way you did in situations. Just remember that you don't have to prove yourself to any of them. Some of them are true snobs and think they are better than you but actually they are not.
  • nataliefromalbuqerqueᗩᗩᗩᗯᗯᗯᗯᗯᗯᗯᗯᗯ
  • getfitsara9One thing I'm not happy about is how they try to make you look like the bad guy to the audience, when you're not at all! @kathryndennis 😞😤 Everyone had their chance to explain who they were and what they were about except you! Regardless, I can't wait for the show! #TeamKat
  • thorandhaloactually, most of them are far beneath Kathryn
  • karwparYou are absolutely stunning. Don't let the mean girls get you down :) Landon seems like a total bonehead...not very bright!
  • cdbaldwinx3@kathryndennis I seriously can't wait to have you in my life again! I hope things are going better for you, What doesn't break you Only makes you stronger! Hugs from NC
  • viviebella@kathryndennis we cannot wait for our guilty pleasure, southern charm, to binge watch starting april 3 🤗
  • palmtreeb@kathryndennis "fucking Tarzan bitch" - kills me girl, you are liiiiiife 💜
  • thelittlemermaid___This is wonderful ✨👌🏻
  • mermaidnataliejoExcited 😊
  • laurenzunikoff@nikki_marie00 !
  • nikki_marie00I only caught the last 20 minutes! Hopefully it will replay @laurenzunikoff
  • hhdulion@kathryndennis Praying for you and those sweet babies. You're going todo well in life. Keep playing it smart, Learn from your mistakes and move forward! You're beautiful and Well educated. Do Not let arrogance, ill willed, or ignorance stand in your way. Focus on your soul... no one else's. #teamkathryn
  • carr1499I think she is so pretty. Glammed up she favors a Disney Princess!
  • alt34Saw SC first show. if Thomas is getting with Landon....I don't know her, but I can't stand her voice. She is a whiner.
  • wellington.kimGood luck on your season BFF. And kiss the babies for me
  • sickinstyleI love you and your honesty. F Landon she's just bored in her life and trying to create drama because otherwise her story is embarrassing since she has nothing except for her father's money. She's an embarrassment to women our age. She needs to figure out her own stuff before she comments on yours.
  • sabbym76You are the shit Kathryn
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