• vanalthuisstudios"They may defeat you, burn you, insult you, injure you, and abandon you, But they will not, shall not, and cannot destroy you, for you, were built on ashes, and you, like a Phoenix know how to resurrect." 🔥🕊🔥
    "Transformation, Longevity, Renewal"
    The symbolism behind a Phoenix has always been inspirational for me. When the Phoenix perceives its death, it ignites itself into a magnificent fire. Then it re-emerges from its own ashes - reborn, ready to continue life once again. As a creator, there have been many times where my work has been criticized, when my ideas fail, and I lose motivation. But I have learned to accept my failures and mistakes - and like the Phoenix - use my burning passion to rise back up and continue creating. To anyone who has read this far, I encourage you to be like the Phoenix. Life is not always easy. Take your struggles, failures, and fears and learn from them, to transform yourself into a new you. Get back up when you fall - rise up from the ashes. 🔥
    Model: @theblissfuladventurer
    I couldn't think of anyone else better than Faith Leuzarder to capture my vision for this photo. Please go check out her yoga account and give her a follow! She is amazing!
    When you combine @zshtx's fire technique, @ericparephoto & @kimhenry.dance's tube technique and my Phoenixian blade tool, that's when the magic happens! 😉 Seriously can't thank you guys enough for your inspiration.
    Also again, a huge thank you to @scalise101 for all his help with this shoot!

  • cassandras_pixelsWow
  • wisconsins_outdoor_explorerWow this is incredible!
  • tricky_ricky_76Whoa! This is phenomenal!
  • visualizingspaceharmonyWow the symbolism, technical execution, and everything about this is jaw dropping! I want to be a fire Phoenix lol
  • akn_saime_05gsHarika 😇
  • moonk58So perfecttt
  • moonk58Muhtesem
  • sugarbeephotoWow so insane....creativity is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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  • patricialongmirephotographyAmazing
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  • frankcosgroveJust amazing , one of the best pics ever
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  • mariamaria_mariagramAmazeballs😍👍
  • fed.perspectiveGreat Picture!
  • neas.bAmazing work ! Keep breathing the phoenix flames ! 👊
  • 9oh9xNice. Keep it up 👍
  • crixus_luxAmazing work! I particularly like lightpainting with fire, great technique, bravo! But how do you fix the t shirt ? I have to test that definitively!
  • icarryfire777Brilliant!
  • tau666Amazing one!
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