• the1moto#dethgrip released by our buds over at @icon1000 check it in full over on their link in bio....

  • bmxyorkster253Litterly all these numbers are great 👍
  • scottfuel@milwaukee_moto they are def not posers. Good dudes who ride and race and build bikes and eat and breath this stuff everyday juys like you and I. Because they are a big brand/company def doesn't mean that everyone in the company does it, but the guys behind it surely do. "They"
  • scottfuel@scottfuel oops "They" is nebulous with a company that size.
  • gunbaby75@milwaukee_moto Nothing "poser" about it. They do all their builds in house. Not sure why you would assume they don't.
  • milwaukee_moto@gunbaby75 did ICON paint that bike in house too? (Sorry, I just thought that would be funny)
  • scottfuel@milwaukee_moto It's an easy mistake to make. I meet a bunch of them on a dirt bike trip through Morocco and they are the the real deal and as into it as you and I. They design and test their own gear, dream up their weird bike builds, turn wrenches and fabricate, all that. They have my respect.
  • gunbaby75@milwaukee_moto That was actually sorta funny. But in a sense, the answer is yes. They designed all the graphics and decided on placement. All I did was show up at the garage and lay the paint. Most builders I know are way less involved with that aspect of the process. It's usually more like "make me something that looks cool, and here are the colors I like."
  • mush.boyDo you Wanna make moto illustration? Contact me 💪 @gunbaby75 @scottfuel @milwaukee_moto
  • milwaukee_moto@mush.boy I'm not interested in illustration but I could go for a sandwich, do you make sandwiches?
  • milwaukee_moto@gunbaby75 I don't call myself a barista because I tell the lady at Starbucks what I want in my coffee... of course they designed the graphics and chose a color to paint it, this bike is a marketing tool and needs to promote the clothes they are selling so obviously they wouldn't leave that decision up to you.
  • gunbaby75@milwaukee_moto Hey dude, I'm gonna let this one go. You are totally entitled to your opinion. I just happen to know those dudes and think highly of them. But they don't need me to defend their reputation.
  • a.danbrand👌
  • alexsamdavis🙌🏽
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