• colectivocoffee"There's a lot of women in coffee and they play an important role, but they have been invisible. In the years I've worked in coffee, I've seen more consciousness and opportunities about women's roles and more awareness." - Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar (pictured top left) board member of the Brazil chapter of the International Women Coffee Alliance and owner of an organic farm in Brazil called Fazenda Cachoeira. Pictured top right is Ketiara Coffee's co-op chair Rahmah, the only women-lead coffee co-op in Indonesia. Pictured in the middle are some of the women who work under the Ketiara co-op name and are some of the most joyful and proud women we've ever encountered. Pictured bottom left is Lennedy Hernandez, who owns a farm working under the Capucas co-op in Honduras and was one of the top 10 highest scoring coffee producers during last year's Capucas Cup put on by @atlas_coffee
    Bottom right is Sra. Carmen Aguila Huaman, Vice President of the board of Peru's Chirinos co-op, helping to teach young women how to be leaders in coffee.
    These are just a handful of the many inspiring and hard-working women we have encountered working tirelessly in coffee, making their voices heard and rising to leadership positions in a previously male-dominated industry. We're lucky to work with and celebrate them today and every day!
    #internationalwomensday #womenincoffee

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