• rufusttaylorThank you to everyone for all the birthday love today. It was greatly appreciated.

    Also going to take this chance to let all the Queen fans know that I won't be touring with them in the upcoming U.S tour. It's unfortunate but couldn't be helped, too many conflicting dates with The Darkness. Thanks again for the B-day wishes and cheers to @xaviervilaphoto for this photo.

  • verro_sgFelicidades!!!!
  • jordanaratliffSad to hear as you & your Dad & Brian were awesome in Toronto, I was at the 1st Toronto date. This was my 1st time seeing Queen & I had a great time, proud of the other opportunities coming your way.
  • tigerpearl63happy birthday,young man!
  • ionamaryannaHappy birthday rudaboo xxx 😘👊🏽
  • sarahm1014Happy Birthday a day late!! Bummed I won't get to see you with Queen in Detroit. Hope you make it to the states touring again soon! 🙂🙂
  • brianmaycom_realHope you had a brilliant birthday, Rufus. Jen
  • calcapz11See you when the Darkness comes back to the USSA!!!!!
  • brianmaycom_realHappy birthday, Rufus. Jen
  • adrianforsterHappy birthday boss!
  • lindahitomiHappy Birthday, Ru. Will miss u on the QAL Tour!💜
  • rorotxBest wishes, Ru!!! Rock on!
  • 1313rreeBullshit. Complete Bullshit that you're not on tour this round with Queen. Hope Darkness is treating you well. Cheers mate! x
  • roimataYour so hot
  • belle28181Its sad that you can't make the QAL tour. A little piece of magic will be lost by your absence 😔😢🎶
  • bellasmileslvNice shot! 👍
  • valitatinaHappy birthday 🌹🌹🌹🌹
  • vicksstixHappy birthday rock star. Have a blast on tour with The Darkness.
  • baldie.nycNice! 🍸 🎸 🍸
  • jil_lian_andersonHappy Birthday ✌
  • freddy.de.wilde1Keep on rockin!
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