#HAPPYWOMENSDAY and I was tagged to share #10factsaboutme - thanks @running_bvbana, here they are:
1️⃣I love to travel - one of my fav travel was in Columbia
2️⃣I got engaged 2011 in Lebanon and a year later we married 💗#timeflies
3️⃣I have a sweet tooth and therefore I love baking - nowadays often without refined sugar
4️⃣I fasten my running shoes several times for a race and it's always difficult to open them afterwards
5️⃣My pre-race fueling is porridge or rice
6️⃣I just decided 4 months before the Ironman Zuerich in 2014 to participate - it was my first and last one so far #tobecontinued
7️⃣I always have many ongoing projects and quite like it to be busy
8️⃣Living abroad pushed me out of my comfort zone, would love to do it again somewhere else in a few years
9️⃣I have a group of friends since kindergarten and we call ourselves "Trudys"
🔟I'm very grateful for our daughter (soon 18 months) - I love being a mum and I'm very proud
Anyone here please feel free to share 10 facts, maybe it's something for you @_missbroccoli @runningmummy06 @16_eins_sechs @ontheway.ch @happy_mum_blog @mamalaeuft @jacqueline.schudel @eva.runs @runningmamiblog @coffee.mum @strongbluemchen
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