I'm glad that's over. Waste of time. #linkedout
  • fosgraphicsI'm glad that's over. Waste of time. #linkedout

  • dakkabearzIt really is.
  • jimthompsonukFeeling that
  • fosgraphics@dakkabearz @jimthompsonuk seriously, everyone's "inspirational speeches" were just really shallow and depressing. I'd hit people up with genuine enquiries and questions about things and they'd never reply but still have time to post some story about some bollocks.
  • dakkabearzIt is an environment where people are just looking out for themselves, and maybe collect contacts for the sake of having a lot of them - not necessarily to work with others.
  • apprenticeofahobo@fosgraphics It's 🐮💩
  • daniellazenbyLike you I come from the diy world: though working in the industry long enough you work on some fairly commercial projects!
  • daniellazenbyMore I do - more I know it's about keeping it at grass roots... ✨✨✨👊🏼
  • jespogramGlad im not the only one who hated that
  • thecornerstoreskateshopI have one for my other business and it's terrible. It's like another Facebook, full of politics , bullshit speeches and inspirational garbage like you said. Lots of useless calls and no real business
  • gavinicusI only use it for job shizz haha
  • brettenicholsThe news feed is a waste of time. For job seeking and recruiting it's absolutely essential in my field. But that's just me, I know it's useless for many.
  • mattfrenchartI wonder if anybody has had a good experience with LinkedIn?
  • fosgraphics@brettenichols yeah, I'm sure some people use it the way that it was intended. @mattfrenchart ha ha!
  • johnnycattt#linkedout
  • aaronwinters916It seems to work for jobs where everyone is indistinguishable but have a certificate etc. (Nursing, legal, hr, programmers etc) For creative careers it's pretty useless, mastering the Bro-job Reacharound is way better use of your time.
  • foodstackingLove! 🙌
  • coffe_shopperHai fatto bene! 🔝
  • forrestadamstudioFeel the same. Wasted a lot of time trying to make connections. Would have been better off going skating.
  • koolfunc88Totally useless....
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