I got a new phone yesterday so all my photos are jumbled up and this one was right at the beginning of my camera roll, I think this was one of my most favourite workshops I did with Carole @mademoisellepoirot at @claphamstudios as the light was so great. The recipe for this cake is in the blog archives just search for fig and blackberry and walnut cake with peach frosting. There is still chance to get 10% off the Kerala food photography and yoga retreat that I am doing with @boxofspice on the 31st July there are details on my blog. Also Carole @mademoisellepoirot has a workshop coming up so check out her website too. #buzzfeedfood #still_life_gallery #beautifulcuisines #lifeandthyme #livefolk #nothingisordinary #bakefeed #bonappetit #bakeacake #thekitchn #thekitchn
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