• nickheywardProud dad 🐣🐥🐛🦋 #internationalwomensday #selffunded #onschedule #mindcharity #skydive
  • mishloves80sWell done Katie 👍👏
  • sonyajayne7For a very worthy cause. You should be so proud of her xx
  • kateeheywardAlso you can go onto my insta page and the link is there which takes you directly to my fundraising page ☺👍🏽
  • comftyboldTotal star ⭐
  • dorothy_cricketKatee...look how far you've come. As someone who has also suffered recurring depressive disorders (mostly under control now) I know how difficult it is to manage. BRAVO to you for not only doing the hard work of coming to terms with the disorders but for taking your pain and putting it to good work for a charity. You are an inspiration. I wish you continuedoing success on your inward journey. ❤
  • becky.florenceWell done, no wonder your family and friends are so proud.
  • kateeheyward@dorothy_cricket Thank you so much for your kind words! That's so good to hear how well you're managing yours, I really hope you are receiving all the support you deserve?! 😁
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