• gemkaritaThis is what I've been reading on and off since this weekend. It's like a biblio-memoir, with the author recounting all the heroines she loved and has read of in her childhood and seeing how she feels about them in her 30s. I'm really liking it so far; reminds me of the heroines I loved as well and sometimes thinking "what the hell were you thinking, Gemma??" 😂
    This wasn't originally part of my monthly TBR but March is Women's Month and it's #InternationalWomensDay today. One of the first things I saw on twitter when I woke up this morning was some girl asking when is International Men's Day because we need to appreciate all the things they do too. I don't disagree with the sentiment, but really? 😒 Actually, let's not discuss that -- today is about celebrating all women! Whatever you do, wherever you're from, never forget that you matter! 👯👭💗
    Who are your favourite literary heroines? I feel like I keep repeating myself all the time and you're all probably tired of me declaring my love for Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre, and Éowyn, to name a few; my fave Disney "princess" Mulan who saved her country..oh, and I mentioned this on Twitter -- Flerida is a character from a Filipino epic poem who is of Moro origin. She saves her beloved from getting executed, escapes from the clutches of the lecherous sultan, and then comes upon the main female character of the story, Princess Laura, who was about to be raped but Flerida kills the rapist with a well-aimed arrow. If you're a Filipino reader, please let me know of other Filipina literary heroines; I don't know of any!

  • thebookishpressSounds like an interesting book and happy IWD to you as well.
  • bookplaitsThis sounds like a great book! Happy International Women's Day! ❤️ I love Jane Eyre too, and Mattie Ross from True Grit is another firm favourite of mine!
  • whatkatiereadnextI've had my eye on this book for a while but I think it's now out of print. 😭 I love Matilda, from Roald Dahl's Matilda she is so wonderful! And although she is far from a heroine, Madame Defarge from A Tale of Two Cities is super bad-ass! 💪🏻
  • braveliteraryworldWhat a great post! I want to read this book. I think my current hero right now isn't from a book but from Gilmore Girls: Paris Geller.
  • spaceandverseUmm I didn't know about Flerida 🤦🏻‍♀️ (*and hangs her head in shame) I need to read up on more Filipino literary heroines. I know of Gabriela Silang... she was a real revolutionary hero that kicked major a**.
  • artfulreaderI love this book!!
  • mariaplusbooksI looooved Eowin and always felt very alone on that!!!
  • mariaplusbooks*also love lizzie, one of my favourite female characters!!! :)
  • ohjustjake❤️
  • themackenzileeLove!
  • gemkarita@thebookishpress it's fun to reminisce about one's favourite childhood books and seeing them from a different light. Much like Little Women last year!
  • gemkarita@bookplaits it's a nice book to go through slowly; I try and finish one chapter (since she discusses one heroine per chapter) and then read another book. I'm trying this reading three books at once thing 😂
  • gemkarita@whatkatiereadnext oh no! I found it randomly at Persephone Books and just grabbed it. Would Book Depository/Wordery have it? I forgot Matilda!
  • gemkarita@braveliteraryworld I am loving it. I wish I'd thought of the idea myself; they make for a good blog series! 😁
  • gemkarita@spaceandverse she's the only one I can remember! You know how they made us read Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura and the Rizal books...I had to Google if there were any more Filipino literary heroines and all I got were links to "how to date to a Filipina", "why you should date a Filipina". Eurgh 🤢
  • gemkarita@artfulreader I'm taking it slow and it is such an enjoyable read!
  • gemkarita@mariaplusbooks oh a lot of people love Eowyn, don't feel alone!
  • babymybookThis is great
  • adalinamaeauthor🙋
  • peoniespaleoSounds like a fantastic read!
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