• dranthonygustinExcited to sink my teeth into this one. @dasrobbwolf is one of the people who pops into my mind whenever I have any hesitation around publishing my work or producing value with a reminder to buck up and get it done. -
    This new book is another example of how he continually grinds out more ways to help people. -
    Do yourself a favor and go pre-order this on Amazon already.

  • barefootprovisionsCan't wait to read it
  • meganannfoxYes! Really looking forward to it too!
  • ketoadaptforhealthI just saw him speak this weekend at our annual NTA conference! He was wonderful! Looking forward to reading it as well.
  • ladybrooksimusGot this on order! 💪🏼
  • ccritz_fitnessukGreat Book, good insight
  • kdeck3Super pumped to read that!
  • primalnutritioncoachLooks like a must read!
  • soulwellnessmethod🙌
  • kryofitsportNice
  • laurent.gaudet@dranthonygustin I did not know where to comment for it so I use this instagram post instead: I had to say excellent podcast so far guys. It helped me (one of the 33 listeners;-) or is it 33 000? 10-10 000!). I would like to add that I would really enjoy bits of the excel sheet your collegue uses to track his thoughts and accomplissment. I am certain I am not the only one.
  • dranthonygustin@laurent.gaudet glad you're enjoying it my man! Let us know if there's anything we can cover that would be valuable
  • laurent.gaudetIt's in my mind. Will do. When I listen to #34 i'll also brainstorm and Tell you
  • lifesaberSooooo cute 🐶 ❤
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