Oops, my to iron and cut pile is just growing. #100daysofstarquilts #100daysof #konasolids #cottoncouturesolids #starquilts
  • tsonikiOops, my to iron and cut pile is just growing. #100daysofstarquilts #100daysof #konasolids #cottoncouturesolids #starquilts

  • suemomquiltsLooks like production is happening in your part of the world!!!
  • gingerbreadsnowflakes😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
  • pennypoppletonCan you point me toward a good tutorial for star quilts? 😘
  • rebsreccaWow!!
  • tsoniki@pennypoppleton yes, sorry I meant to comment when you asked a couple of days ago! I've used the quilt in a day series book - I put a link in my profile. I've not come across an online (blog) tutorial, but also I've never looked online. I need to do one on my website!
  • pennypoppletonOoh thank you!! I love these and I can't wait to get stuck in. (Am I right to worry about it being cultural appropriation?) 😳
  • tsoniki@pennypoppleton no, because Eleanor burns wrote that book. Lol I mean, I personally feel like it's a Native thing/design. But I also acknowledge that it isn't. I have no idea who designed the first one, like the first one ever. It is known as a Native thing though? So that's where confusion comes in.
  • pennypoppleton@tsoniki yeah that was my impression as well, kind of like how "anyone can do improv" but gees bend quilts are so distinctive. I'd love to make one so I think I'll hedge my bets and research & attribute some of the Native quilters who have popularized the pattern :) 😘❤
  • pennypoppletonSorry for being so clunky about this, thanks for helping answer my questions 😳😅
  • tsoniki@pennypoppleton of course! And yes, there have been exhibits that show Native starquilts that have been in various shows across the US.
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