Another 5 of the 86 incredible women what make magic happen at @pellicano_hotels. I'm so proud to be part of this incredible group of ladies who every give everything they have with love passion, energy, dedication and strength and these ladies, like ALL LADIES, make the world go round. IM SO PROUD 💜❤️💗 introducing the #lapostavecchia crew @guarino.simona 👉🏼Head of booking and the one to call when you want to stay with us 😉 #stefaniadolciotti Events manager to make your dreams come true 👉🏼 #Taniaguidarini sales and marketing Chiara 👉🏼 booking angel #alessia 👉🏼 admin GRAZIE #womenpower #womensmarch #ilpellicano #laspostavecchia #girlpower #whoruletheworld rp @marielouisescio
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