Arigato Osaka 🙏
  • bustedArigato Osaka 🙏

  • iamthemarialillyI didn't know that!!!!!!! Sadness😭😭😭😭I'm already crying
  • lchigrilthank u for coming osaka💕 that was sooooo happy time for me.ARIGATO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • _miuka_starrrsthank you for the wonderful performance 😭💕arigatou🙏🇯🇵
  • youxiang_bknbI couldn't see this time gigs😭😭😭😭, pls come back to JPN soon!!
  • aiito530ARIGATO😂💜Love BUSTED💓
  • tooookaArigato BUSTED!!!Love u soooo much💕
  • kokopops616You were awesome tonight😆✨Arigato Busted!! Hope to see you next year! and if possible, come to Fukuoka next time!👏
  • akyrnArigato!! 🇯🇵🇬🇧
  • unafuturegirlwatkinsHow about Taiwan? 🇹🇼😭
  • _futuregirl_182_❤😆👌🏻
  • miesasaki820Omg that's a lot of people 💖👍🏼
  • rainelee💖💖💖
  • mayumik2006Arigatou🎶ookini👍🏻
  • yukari9237See u again soooooon!! Arigatou!!!😊😊💕💕
  • maotasoMy dream was come true✨✨I was soooooo happy to see you❤❤❤See you next year🎉Thank you💯💯
  • asami_ckArigato Busted😄Thank you for coming to japan🇯🇵🇯🇵
  • zutatakuyaARIGATO BUSTED! You are the best!
  • jblover133Love you busted
  • foreverfranshineCan't wait to see you guys on monday in Amsterdam!
  • yukkoro5656You'll forever be my hero😊💓 thank you✨
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