Watching this nascent little woman unfold blows my mind 💥 Suddenly she's controlling her emotions and writing letters and getting ready for school without protest. She can play with her siblings for hours, creating and collaborating and pretending. Currently she's especially into: plaid shirts (like her beloved first grade teacher), doing hair (anyone who will let her), playing with baby dolls (she's a devoted doll mommy), writing in her journal (her favorite part of school), reading Raina Telgemeier books (highly recommended graphic novels), drawing (with such detail) and "tinkering" (aka making stuff). She fills me up everyday with her joy and curiosity and ideas and vision. These are the golden years of childhood and I am in awe of the aureole. ✨ #giovannafaith #thisis7 #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #littleandbrave #motherhoodrising #citykids #likeagirl #girlpower #littlewoman #sanfrancisco
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