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  • slowpoke2320This year I decided to stop being dirt roadie and fix my bad mountain bike habits, starting with fixing my hip hinge. #skillseveryday

  • singinslowmotionWhat shoes are those? I'm gonna be in the market for new MTB shoes soon.
  • slowpoke2320@singinslowmotion They are the Specialized 2FO. Sadly, this is an old color that I got on closeout, and they only had a few sizes left. Have @bicycletherapy check, though, because they'll be super cheap if they do have your size.
  • dixls@singinslowmotion @slowpoke2320 I don't know about that color but they do have a dope New color, ask Michaela she'll know which ones
  • rozshamboYour shoes match so well!!!!!
  • mynameiswilsonStyle aside - what is going on here exactly? I have similar goals (style and function)
  • slowpoke2320@mynameiswilson I recently discovered that my descending position on the bike isn't that great, which leads to being unbalanced and timid on steep stuff. Also crampy quads on long descents. I'm working on hinging at the hips and finding a more balanced position. Perfecting it off the bike so that it's easier on the bike.
  • sundancemtb@slowpoke2320 I wish we lived near each other!!!!!
  • slowpoke2320@sundancemtb Come shred some PA gnar!
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