Do you over deliver? I ordered some cosmetics a couple of days ago and they arrived in the mail today. The reason I go back to the same company over and over? They always include a nail file as a gift. It's a small gesture that I didn't ask for but I actually really value it. It makes me feel just a little bit special and cared for every time. So I keep buying from them. 
And it's a gesture that resonates professionally too. In my own business I always do my best to over deliver whether it's for my coaching clients, an event organiser I've been hired by, or even those in my network. 
Why? Because why not? I love what I do, it feels good to give more than people expect from me and to see the ripple effect of giving more than you take. And I know that many of my clients come back to me time after time too. Because they KNOW they'll always get more value than they expected.
How do you over deliver in your business?

Vanessa xx
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